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Official Fiat Dealer:All models with the official backing of one of the most traditional brands in the country.

Leasing: The easiest way to get closer to the utility or taximeter of your choice.

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Appropriations: The sale of your vehicle is insured with the benefit of receiving your cash payment.
Rent a Car
Services adapted to cover the most varied needs of our customers.

Travel abroad.
Coverage of the State Insurance Bank

Some of our vehicles:
Fiat Siena 2007 full team
Fiat Uno 2007
Fiat Palio 2 and 4 doors
Vw Gol Nafta and Diesel

Contact us:
(+5982) 9022949
or 24 hours. To 099704280.
Oficina Ciudad Vieja: Sarandi 443 esq. Misiones.
Vía mail americar@ebicarmotors.com

FIAT official service.

Workshop CTMA-BSE:
Works with all insurance

Qualified personnel highly qualified. Computer diagnostic tools and specific materials for each case

computer equipment to ensure a first class job

Sale of accessories:
Tires; batteries, etc., all for your car or pick-ups

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